Clutches in West Sussex

At Allspeed Clutches & Brakes Ltd, we have been fitting clutches since opening in 1987.

We have certainly fitted a large number of clutches over the last 20 years and in 1989, installed a hit record of 55 in just one week.

To maintain our high standards of service, we fit only brand new clutches, using original manufacture wherever possible. An example of this would be a Peugeot, which are usually fitted with Valeo or LuK clutches at the time of manufacture. Here we would fit the same make as a replacement, resulting in a much smoother and lighter clutch operation.

Clutches have always been our business and as they usually fail without warning, our workshop will endeavour to carry out a next-day replacement (subject to parts being available).

Clutches for Japanese vehicles

For vehicle makes such as Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Subaru, we fit special Japanese clutches that are imported directly from Japan.

As with all our clutches we buy at a competitive rate and pass that onto the customer which helps in keeping the cost to a minimum.

For clutch fitting and replacements, call us now on 01342 322 829

Tel:01342 322 829
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